Ananda Touch BLISS Intimate Oil
Ananda Touch BLISS Intimate Oil

Ananda Touch BLISS Intimate Oil


Bliss hemp-CBD-infused personal lubricant and massage oil. Each 2oz bottle is guaranteed to have 250mg of active cannabinoids, including CBD. The blissful formula also contains essential oils, organic theobroma, coconut oil & L-arginine for additional pleasure. Bliss is safe as a sex lubricant and for external pleasure.

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Certificate of Analysis

Product Specs

  • 2oz bottle
  • 250 mg of active cannabinoids per bottle
  • Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids + synergistic terpene infusion
  • Essential Oils, Organic Theobroma, Coconut Oil & L-arginine for additional Bliss
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Made in the USA


Ananda Hemp Flower Extract, Coconut Oil, Organic Cacao Seed Butter (Theobroma), Peppermint Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil, L-Arginine
other: MCT oil, cetearyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol

Try topical hemp-CBD oil for a sensual and blissful experience

Bliss by Ananda Professional is unique intimate oil blended with full-spectrum hemp-CBD and additional ingredients used to enhance sensual pleasure.

Other stimulating and sensual ingredients include:

  • Peppermint and Black Pepper - Sourced from plant-derived essential oils, creating cooling and heating sensations
  • Cacao Seed Butter – The theobromine in cacao is the only food known to contain anandamide, the bliss neurotransmitter. And, it tastes great!
  • Coconut Oil – Ideal for increasing natural lubrication
  • L-Arginine – This amino acid may increase vasodilation, improving blood flow and stimulating tissue.
  • Cetearyl – A plant-derived, moisturizing emulsifier that contains healthy fatty acids and is used in organic beauty products.

How to use Ananda Bliss personal lubricant and massage oil

Shake well before use. For the best experience, apply at least 15 minutes before intimacy. Apply to wherever you desire, as Bliss is safe for use inside and out.

You can use Bliss safely and liberally. A quarter-sized amount is suitable for many, but some may need more. This is perfectly fine.  

Just be sure not to use Bliss with latex protection, as any oil-based product can degrade latex and render it ineffective.

Why should I buy Ananda Professional hemp-CBD products?

Ananda Professional is a true Seed-to-Shelf product. Their parent company Ecofibre Ltd. owns the world’s largest private cannabis seed bank consisting of over 300+ cultivars and ascensions gathered from nearly every continent on the planet.

Superior extraction process

All of Ananda Professional licensed hemp from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture is processed in Central Kentucky through fractional distillation. All ethanol is removed in the process. This can be verified in the 3rd-party certificate of analysis available for every Ananda product.

The extraction process with ethanol pulls through a broader spectrum of valuable hemp components including cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids, and leaves behind more of the less desirable materials such as wax and chlorophyll.

Beware of unsupported claims that CO2 processing is a cleaner extraction method.  CO2 extraction pulls through a lot more of the undesirable constituents which means that producers that utilize CO2 extraction are required to employ a process called winterization to remove excess waxes.

Winterization calls for the use of solvents like ethanol, or even methanol, to complete the process. Therefore, CO2 still requires the use of solvents.

To make your best buying decision with any hemp-CBD extract, look at the third-party certificate of analysis of the product and look at the solvent results. Of course, you should only buy from manufacturers who use third-party testing.

Reliable thorough testing

All Ananda Hemp products are rigorously tested to achieve the highest quality, premium hemp oil product on the market. By the time the product reaches you, Ananda Professional hemp extracts have been tested at least three times to ensure potency, quality, and consistency. Ananda only uses notable, third-party certified cannabis and food testing labs to verify the consistency of their products.

Highest quality, the richest source of cannabinoids

Unlike many hemp producers, Ananda does not use imported hemp extract. All extracts are from the hemp flower, which has the most amount of cannabinoids. Other producers use the stalk which has fewer cannabinoids than the hemp flower. A certificate of analysis (COC) is available for every Ananda hemp-CBD product you buy

Made and grown in the USA

All Ananda Professional hemp oil products are 100% grown and processed in the USA and certified by the Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture. Ananda Professional is one of the largest producers of domestic hemp, grown by 8th generation Kentucky farmers on over 500 acres.

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How Do I Return A Product?

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