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CBD isn't exclusive for human consumptions but our furry friends loves it as well. As pharmacists, our belief in the therapeutic benefits of CBD can extend to your pets' bodies even better and more synergistically than cannabidiols do with ourselves. Our advice is to start your pets on the right dietary regimen and supplement their health with additional products to make them healthier and stronger.

From Plant to Pet

Though there is a lack of research for pets and CBD, pharmaceutical companies are footing the bill for increased study. In general ,Veterinary Medical Boards are wary of treating pets with cannabis due to lack of education and research. Nevertheless, any pet owner should always consult their veterinarian when considering cannabis supplements since dosing is not the same across species. It is extremely important to understand appropriate concentration levels of THC and CBD in both humans and their pets. Only then can pet owners make more educated decisions about administering CBD but it is always best to err on the side of caution and check for mold or pesticides.

Legality of Pet and CBD

Cannabis is federally illegal no matter if it's for human or animal. Even in more progressive states, vets are unable to prescribe medical marijuana or cannabis products for pets. But just like we are beginning to understand more and more about how CBD oil benefits our physiology and psychology, we have seen similar therapeutic benefits in animals and pets.

Homemade CBD for Pets

The process of making CBD oils from cannabis can be a difficult process depending on how it's made. Regardless, creating homemade CBD oil ad CBD oil infused products is possible and can even be a fun experience. But it is important to understand that rigorous testing occurs by certain manufacturers in order to produce level-correct tincture in CBD oils. Responsible manufacturers will make sure their products fall within specific levels so that people are able to medicate effective dosing.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line, if you decide to give your pets CBD oil or other medicinal cannabis products, the best thing you can do is to get informed first. Always give tested, quality cannabinoid, seek the advice of your pharmacist in conjunction with your veterinarian, and apply correct dosages, starting on the lower side or recommendations. And above all, make sure to monitor its effects to ensure your pets safety.

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January 13, 2020

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